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pyrochick10's Journal
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Saturday, March 25th, 2006
2:06 pm
graduation, test, friends, and parties
i know it's been a while and i've been busy. i along with my 6 class mates from platt graduated, and got awards. i got an award for 4.0 gpa and clinical excellence. we went and took our national certification test, and now we are waiting for the results from that which will be 60 days.
i found out that i have some really cool friends from that place. mainly audrey, lou, doug, and brandi even though we had some issues at first. they still don't compare to hollie, amy, john, andre, and amber. i don't talk to some of the ppl that much anymore but i am still really endeared to them. they are the best friends anyone could ask for.
parties are always fun. the ones from platt were always the best. we had another party last night. although i was tackled by doug and four kids it was awesome. i was laughin bout that. yes there was alcohol there, but these ppl didn't pressure you to drink if you didn't want to. i like partying with them. i showed up bout 6 and left at 11. from the time i showed up to the time i left i had a blast.

Current Mood: i'm feeling froggy
Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
7:35 pm
Almost out, Yay!
School's almost out, and boy am I happy. I have 8 days to be exact. I am so excited. My nephew Dominic Joesph will be born tomorrow. I am so happy. Guy problems don't exist anymore (sighs) because i have given up on them. I have a myspace account and i am ecstatic cause i made a new friend. He is awesome. I have a few others that are awesome. Once school is out we will take our final exam on march 19th. Wish me luck cause I am going to need it. Once I graduate I'm gunna try to go to Cameron for a communication/journalism degree and minor in pharmacy. then go to school to be a pharmacist; also go for athletic training/sports medicine. i know a lot of things for me to accomplish but i will. i have faith in myself. I am finding myself more into wrestling than ever. have you ever got more enjoyment and more of a feeling of accomplishment from watching something and practicing it thatn anything else you do now or have done? That is how i feel watching wrestling and wrestling around with my brothers. i mean wrestling is in my blood. I can never be complete without watching it or participating it in some how. Valentine's day was alright i guess. well i gotta go get ready for tomorrow.

Current Mood: I'm feeling froggy as always
Sunday, January 15th, 2006
6:38 pm
what's new peeps?
well, guy problems still persist in my life. nothing new right? what do you do if there is a guy who is the first thing on your mind when you wake up and the last thing on your mind when you go to sleep? this is not a good situation for me at all. life's going good except for that. clinicals are awesome. i did my week in the inpatient and it wasn't that bad. i got to work in the iv hood which was so much fun. i did a little math but nothing to bad. i put orders in on the computer, and i loved it. the people there are really awesome. next week it is the pharmacy at the commisary. guys are so freaking difficult that i just wish sometimes that i knew exactly what to do in my life. i like this guy but i can't talk to him. why does that sound so bad? if anyone has advice i would love to here it.

Current Mood: i'm feeling froggy
Saturday, January 7th, 2006
11:57 pm
not much
well, let me think. i'm doing great. i am having guy problems which is nothing new for me. i have this guy i know but i havent known him for long. i trust him as much as i trust my best friend kc. i'm scared because he said he would always be here if i needed anything so what do i do? i really dont know him well enough to trust him like i trust kc, but i do. guys are always so freaking confusing. schools good. went from 240 hours of clinicals to 190ish. i love my clinicals. the site is awesome to us students. i am in the inpatient pharmacy next so i want to see how much math i actually remember from school. there is a wwe ppv today and so all i have to say is Good luck Johnny boy. well i'm gunna hit the hay. see ya

Current Mood: chipper
Friday, December 23rd, 2005
1:34 pm
man o man
i did my first week of clinicals at the reynold's outpatient pharmacy and let me tell you that it is a lot of work. it is also a lot of fun but it is mostly a lot of work. audrey, andre, and i got pookie something for his b-day and we put that it was from the whole class. well the other 5 of us. i am excited cause we are supposed to go get andy tomorrow, but i really aint in the mood for christmas this year. my mom is flipping out, and i dunno why. well joey did die on christmas of 2000, and it is like we bring his name up still and all hell breaks loose. oh well life sucks then you die. i talked with pookie for about half an hour today. we were just chilling. i was all smiles talking to him. then i come home and it is like world war three up in this house. i wish i was still talkin to him, so i wouldnt have to deal with these people. i am tired of it. i need a job and a place to stay away from here. well happy holidays.

Current Mood: irritated
Saturday, December 17th, 2005
11:13 pm
well my class had its christmas party thursday, and i had a lot of fun. well the girls i used to have problems with at school were there, but there was no problems at the party cept for andrea and her fiancee bein drunk before the party even started. it was cool at the party. i mean audrey, trish, pooky, and me had more fun outside of the trailer while andrea and her fiancee were arguing than we did inside at first, but once everyone showed up it was a little better. one of the girls in my class kept trying to hook pooky and me up sayin that we would be cute together and whole bunch of other stuff. she took a picture of us together so only god knows how it turned out because i havent seen it. i made andre uncomfortable and not want to go to the party because i told him that if i felt like drinking i would. i had two drinks. One was called a strawberry shortcake i think, and the other was a concoction of pooky's which he called trailor sex. i dunno what was in it but it was really good. i cant wait to see the pics of that the girl got. well i'm gunna go. latta

Current Mood: i feel froggy
Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
10:23 pm
wow sorry so long gone!
i was busy with school. we are getting ready for clinicals and man is it crazy. we have like 6 days of school left before clinicals. two of those days are cpr training, one is a field trip, and one is an ice cream bash for andre. our teachers b=day is on christmas. we are celebrating christmas this weekend with my nephew so i get all my gifts then. i am happy to see him because it has been a while. ANDY IS COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait. i miss him. i am so excited that he is coming home because now i someone to talk to besides my other brothers. i dont see or talk to many friends from high school because they are busy and so am i. well i am just rambling so i think i'll go.

Current Mood: i feel froggy
Friday, November 4th, 2005
10:09 pm
the day after
today is the day after the party at my friends house and oh was it so much fun. i had a blast, and i admit i did drink a wine cooler or two and a test tube shot. the guy i like was there and oh it was so great to see him. he made the party so much fun. i couldn't stop laughing. i needed a ride home last night after the party because i promised my brother i would not drink and drive. well pooky was there and he had a little to drink but since he lives over here by us, so he said he would give me a ride home. it was so much fun. we talked and he said you are so different outside of class than inside. i said yeah because it is a different environment. he was asking me about myself because i'm the only one that doesnt talk much in school. well he asked why and if anyone at school was bothering me. i told him school is from 8:30-3:30 it is 11:15 at night i dont want to talk about school. school is great. i'm gunna go get some sleep since i haven't gotten any since wednesday.

Current Mood: flirty
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
7:13 pm
Life is good. there is a party this thursday night at my friends house from school, and the guy i like is gunna be there. there is going to be drinking and i want to drink but i'm not sure if i'm going to be able to. i know it is my decision but if a friend goes i won't be able to drink because i'll have to drive him home, so what do i do? school is going good. we are 50% through as of today and i have a 4.00 gpa. i'm happy! i have not showed my parents my grades because nothing is ever good enough for them. my family from tulsa is coming down for thanksgiving and i'm so happy. i get to see andy. i am trying to hang out with hollie but she is always busy so that doesnt happen. we made 7% camphor 7% menthol rub today at school. i have come to the conclusion that the 8 of us and our teacher at school are crazy some more than others though. well i have to go study my drugs because i have a drug test tomorrow.

Current Mood: i feel froggy
Thursday, October 27th, 2005
5:52 pm
~what's up~
Let me see! There isnt that much goin on right now except a lot of school. Well we don't really do much at school except learn about peoples sex life which i could care less about. so i do alot of my studying at home now. my friend from school's husband is in iraq and she talks to him everyday. Life could be a little better though. i'm driving my car and so im happy that i can drive it. i had to learn to drive a stick shift so i could drive it. umm... the teacher i have is 24, and he is not like any other guy i have met. i think he is hilaious, and not only is he hilarious he makes learning fun. i'm going to my friends halloween theme party a week from today and i dunno what costume i should have. any suggestions? my teacher pricked volunteers fingers today because we were learning about diabetes. it didnt make any sense because your supposed to wait 2 hours after you eat to do it but whatever. it took him three times to do my finger because the first time he missed, the second time there was no blood coming out of my finger, and the third time he pricked my finger tip and there still wasn't enough blood coming out so as i was squeezing my finger to try and get blood out he was squeezing my fingertips. it was ridiculous. it was all and all a good day i guess. gotta go edit a poem.

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
2:04 pm
What's goin on?
I'm in school as always. I just wrote a poem comparing dreams in life to a hot fudge sundae. Andre is being a goofball as always. School is going good. we've decided to actually have homework which makes it easier to learn something. the more we are in school the more and more i come out of my shell that i hide in. i'm more obnoxious now than i was when school started. i'm more out going, and i participate more. we are going over to the lab in a week, so maybe then we can blow stuff up j/k. we can make some drugs and learn the way i learn best which is hands on. i called kc today and he said that there is something wrong with everyone in my house but me. danny's lying which is nothing new for him. i haven't talked to andy in a while. i miss him. if they are still in tulsa when thanksgiving comes around they are coming down for thanksgiving. if they do that we have to go up there for christmas which i am not to happy about but whatever. steve's wife is pregnant and they found out that they are having a boy. well i have to get back to learning how to type for a grade. See ya.

Current Mood: drained
Monday, October 3rd, 2005
1:48 pm
well hello all!!!
hey all you out there that read my journal, which isnt many. I'm doing good. School is getting at that point to where it is almost over, and it starts to drag out slowly. I have a lot on my mind right now with school and everything i'm trying to accomplish in life. My interest in wanting to pursue a career in wrestling has grown and is growing by the minute. I am going to see that doctor so i can get diet pills or something from her to help me lose weight so i can pursue my dream career. almost everyone i know is telling me i cant do this, but one thing i dont think they figured out is that the more you tell me i cant is the more i'll try to do it. i joined up with medical explorers again this year. tonight is the election meeting and i'm trying to go for treasurer this year. i feel we dont learn much of anything in school. we've been through 6 teachers, and each teacher has been given a nick name. the nick names are: stumpy, grape ape, fat bastard, grape ape, dukie houser, and papa. we still have dukie and papa. i mean i dont mind them, but it just seems that everything drags on when papa teaches and dukie just gets to the point. there are only 8 students in my class and i like almost all of them. there is one that i dont care to much about. Hollie and i are planning on doing something thursday to celebrate the day joey would have been 15. kc and i are talking which i havent figured out if it is a good thing our a bad thing. he stayed at my house saturday, and we talked. we realized that we need to communicate more than we do. thats all for now.
holla, holla, holla playa.

Current Mood: determined
Saturday, August 6th, 2005
2:49 pm
i know, i know
i know it has been a while. i have been busy with school. i started school three weeks ago, and i mean i am doing good. i have all a's except a couple b's, and a c. i am proud of myself even though i got yelled at for the one c i have. i turn 18 in 3 days. YEAH!!!!!!! my brother and his family come from denmark in 18 days. for my b-day my dad gave me the greatest gift. he bought me tickets to WWE's Unforgiven. for those of you who don't know what the wwe is. it is a wrestling company. i am so excited about that. it is on september 18th in the city. YES!!!!!!!!!!
i bumped into one of my favorite teachers from high school a week ago. he is one of the best teachers i had. it was the doc. the head of da hood of funk. i thought all the essays we had to do in there was killing me. last week we had 11 tests in a four day span. i go to school 8:30-3:30 mon- thurs. friday, saturday, and sunday i have off which is good. i was so happy to see doc. i mean i didn't think i would be so happy to see him but i was. i mean seeing him brought so much back to me. gotta go study my drugs since i'm going to be a pharmacy tech. bye.

Current Mood: energetic
Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
11:15 pm
life is intersting!!
well let me start off with i know that it has been a while. i start school in 5 days. YEAH!!! other than that life seems to be taking a turn for the worst. my sister, yeah you who know me are in shock, well my half sister is in the hospital. i have never met her so im kinda on edge. anyway my best friend in the whole world seems to be creating a distance between he and i. the only time he really talks to me i feel is when he wants something. umm.. his sister in law asked me to watch her baby so her,her husband,him,and a few friends can get drunk friday after they get off work. well i have news for them. they are parents now, and they need to realize whats important. i love them i do, but being a parent means to grow up and take responsibility. i dont want to watch the baby but everytime i tell my friend no i feel so horrible because he makes me feel like im letting him down. am i doing the right thing? i have also been thinking about life lately. why is it that i always end up with nothing but heartache and sadness? i am just tired of this friend not noticing me when im in front of him except when he needs me. what can i do about it?

Current Mood: thoughtful
Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
12:33 am
what do i do?
i have become a finalist in a poetry contest and if i go to the poetry convention in d.c. i could fine tweak my poems a lot in the rap sessions and reading them out loud to other poets who have come from everywhere including award winning well known poets. my father says i cant go because i have no business in d.c. also what is going on the weekend of the 19-21st of august is summerslam. WWE wrestling in D.C. the same time i would be. that would be awesome, but my parents wont let me go because i will miss monday at school. oh my gosh one day of school. so i figure since i cant go to wwe summerslam i am going to go to the grandaddy of them all WWE Wrestlemania 22 in Chicago!!!!!!! whether they like it or not i am going.

Current Mood: determined
12:29 am
here is my latest poem... feed back is more than welcome
Hang on
Hang on to reality.
Hang on to make believe.
Hang on to your youth.
Hang on to innocence.

Hang on to this, hang on to that.
I’m sick of hanging on and waiting.
Waiting, anticipating, and hanging on
is literally driving me crazy.

Life is precious there is no time to hang on.
In hanging on you don’t see life as it passes
you by. You miss all the good things in front
of your eyes.

Hang on to your past.
Hang on to the present.
Hang on to who you are.
Hang on to who you want to be.

Run full force into life
Don’t walk through it.
Don’t sit back in the crowd
Stand up and be proud.

Be who you want to be
Not who people choose to see.
Succeed at everything and don’t
Let anyone be the barrier between you and your dreams.

Hang on to your dreams.
Hang on to you.
Hang on to me.
More importantly hang on to life.

Cause one day it won’t be here for
you to hang on to.

please tell me what you think. all who come across this.

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, June 16th, 2005
10:08 pm
whatever, whatever i do what i want
let me see... what is new with me. i got into platt college. go me! i start on july 18th. andre did to. go him!! my brother chris is coming in august from denmark, no dont come!!! i dont wanna see him. reality sucks. i drove by lawton high today with kc and honestly i cried. i cant belive it. i actually had a tear come down my cheek. i didnt realize i would miss it that much but i do. im getting on with my life and the complicatedness of kc and my relationship. my best friend and brother andy moved to tulsa on june 11th. i am so lonely. no matter how much we bickered back and forth i miss him. he was my best friend. my other brother made me mad on graduation day he thought it was more important to be with his friends instead of andy and me. for some reason lately i have been really giggly, happy, and laughing all the time. i am helping kc paint and decorate his house.thats all for now.always remember love, peace, and chicken grease....... GIT-R-DONE!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: giggly
Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
11:42 pm
reality kicks in!
tomorrow is the last day of high school. i am leaving behind so much of me there. i have had a lot happen, and i have grown into a better person because of it. i have learned what i need to embark on my journey out in the "Real world". my teachers have given me confidence, courage, and life skills that i will take with me for the rest of my life. i have become closer to my teachers than i have in the past, and i feel closer to some of them than i do with some of my friends. i am definately gunna miss my math teacher mr.jones, my english teacher doc, and my computer teacher mr. jackson. i know they have prepared me for the rest of my life. i am gunna miss my protected walls in my school. they have been my place of growth intelectually and so much more. on friday at 7 the ceremony starts. i will walk across that stage and my life will change forever. i'm scared. my fear is of failing at what i want to accomplish. i need to just embark on my journey with my head held high.

Current Mood: sad
Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
8:15 pm
reality sucks!!
I have been writing a story for my friend andre and I have really decided reality sucks. I have this story which takes me into my dream of what I want to be when I get older, and when i get done writing what little i write at school i become really depressed. my dream is to be a professional wrestler, and i know that sounds silly to some people out there if not all but i want this and i have wanted this since i was a little girl. my dream has never changed. when people ask me what i want to be i tell them i want to be an athletic trainer and pharmacist because my parents or rather my mother told me that it would never happen. she also told me that if it did she would kill me. why can't i work for what i want so much. my mom said that i was just dreaming because i graduate in 23 days. what is wrong with having a dream and trying to work for it. i want this, and writing this story for my friend i realized that if i want something why can't i work for it. i recieved advice from a friend and that was don't wish for it, work for it. i think that is what im going to do. what do you think?

Current Mood: depressed
Sunday, April 17th, 2005
8:50 pm
I am talking to brian, this guy who lives in iowa, and he is amazing. he is a really sweet, interesting, and honest guy. Anyway I talked to hollie for a minute today to tell her i have her b-day card her and i have had it since april 13th her and kims b-day. She is supposed to come and get it tonight. i have been thinking and i realized that everything bad that happened between her and myself in our friendship is my fault. i was a horrible friend to her. i cant believe it. i feel so horrible about everything i have done you hollie. i want you to know i am so sorry for everything. i have also been thinking about graduation and i am little nervous and scared. those walls have protected me for 3 years and i have had some great growing emotionally, personally, and intellectually done in those walls. my protected walls are fixing to be left behind. I am nervous, because there is 29 school days left. ah, i am almost free. i cant wait to get my senior paper back because i havent done it yet.

Current Mood: thoughtful
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